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A video from Br Leopold in the Chernihiv supply centre.

  Here a well-made short video from the supply centre in Chernihiv where br Leopold has been helping the distribution teams take vital aid to villages in the region. Many people there are homeless or living in houses which do not protect from rain and cold anymore. With infrastructures destroyed or damaged and employment completely disrupted, many many people (especially the most fragile) depend on these teams bringing them food and medicine. Please keep helping.
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1 in 10 people in Chernihiv homeless and relying daily on this supply chain.

Hi everyone, a message here below from our friend Elena (coordinating the chain of goods to Chernihiv). Together we (you, friends and friends-of-friends with the brothers in Utrecht) are continuing to support Chernihiv's people. One fact that Elena mentions - 10% of Chernihiv's citizens are now homeless and relying on this supply chain's support. Please read. Your help is going quicker than ever before to these people in need. Dear friends, In Chernihiv 101 high-rise buildings were destroyed (it has a direct hit), that is 9,652 apartments. Another 551 houses were damaged by shell explosions nearby, the total number of apartments - 37 649, official statement of the local authorities. It means every 10-th citizen of Chernihiv don’t have place to live. I know some people are still in the city basements as they don’t have home any more. All area is in mins after Russian occupation. How long will it take to clean it up? During the fighting Russian troops destroyed in purpose a m

Some of the faces receiving the aid. Please keep it coming.

We were sent these photos by the people distributing the aid at the other end of the chain your donations are helping fund. From the food and medicine being transported to the trucks and vans driving it to where it's needed, every donation is helping. Please keep it up.  

Over €10.000 in 2.5 weeks! And it's already become food, water, medicine and diesel for the most needy.

Hi everyone, I had Covid recently so I wasn't posting so much here. But every day your donations are coming in and we've passed the €10.000 mark int he space of 2.5 weeks! This money has already been channelled into food, water, medical supplies and diesel. As Chernihiv and it's surrounding villages were liberated during the past week the horrors and hardships of the Russian occupation were laid bare. The survivors emerged after 4 weeks of hiding from danger day and night. At this point it became urgent to get the aid supplies quickly round to the villages, towns and farms where people had been cut off. In the past few days we've been alble to help fund the diesel costs of small teams of volunteers driving (especially medical) supplies around the area. Br Leopold is with these teams right now. Please keep supporting the people of Chernihiv as they begin the painful road of recovery.

News from Eline, Chernihiv. Medicine in short supply.

Dear friends, Only around 90.000 people from 280.000 before the war stay in Chernihiv. All other had to leave their houses and move during bombing and shooting. Some areas are completely destroyed. Without electricity and water people cook on the fire in the backyards. Business doesn’t work and city doesn’t receive taxes money, says mayor Владислав Атрошенко . Chernihiv needs help. The war is not over and with such a neighbor you never know what can happen any minute. A big volunteer network works in the city. They help people with food and goods. But huge problem is medicine. First of all special ones. Thanks to hard work of our volunteer Татьяна Николенко insulin was delivered to the city. Enterprise Sanofi Aventis has provided 196 packages of insulin, each consisting of 3 doses, for the Chernihiv regional hospital. Most sincere gratitude goes to Oleksandr Nosonovych who has made this life-saving delivery possible! Transportation of insulin demands proper conditions. Thank you to Та

The supply chain to Chernihiv keeps going - thanks to your help.

In the past few days we received some photos and videos from our friend Roman who, together with Aleksandr, has been manning the Przemsyl-Chernihiv supply chain 24/7 for the past month. He's tired but confident. With your valuable help we've been able to buy food, water and medicine and help pay for this second-hand forklift truck which is key to keeping the chain moving. With thanks from Roman (in the second video) and on behalf of everyone involved!

The journey to Chernihiv - the needs remain accute

The drive from Kiyv to Chernihiv took a bit more than 4 hours. To avoid the destroyed bridge of the highway, we have to use a 2-lane road in a big forest. Roads are generally in bad shape in Ukraine but here you add the numerous checkpoints. Each time, ID and a document legitimising the goods that we transported. Taking pictures and videos remains totally prohibited because of the makeshift fortifications on the way. At least twice we had to hold our breath as we were crossing bridges that had been just quickly repaired. As we were approaching the city, the traces of recent battles became visible: remains of a few tanks and then houses and factories in ruins. My 2 companions, just coming back to the city after the siege, who had remained quite silent during the trip,  became suddenly more tense and emotional. We finally reached out destination: the Roman Catholic parish of the Holy Spirit. Father Pyotr of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary received us with our shipment of food and medicine