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BoMozhemo's Roof Brigade

 After the frame has been repaired, covered with plastic sheeting, and the asbestos delivered, the strike team can go into action, summoned by a post on Telegram, in the evening as usual. The side is picked. And off we go : the first sheet of asbestos can be sent for fitting and nailing by the roof climbers.  The asbestos rise at a steady pace, sometimes slowed down by the necessary trimming, but the laughter and joyful exchanges continue uninterrupted until well after dark, when the roof is completely covered. Another family protected from the elements. 
Recent posts

The work goes on

  The house of Sonia and Igor was hit by four artillery shots and totally destroyed last year. Fortunately they were in a safe place with their daughter Nikita at the time, and Igor is a professionnal builder. Couragously they worked tirelessly with the help of BoMozhemo, and here they are putting the floor and the electricity. It is a grace to share these days with them, sorting out bricks salvaged from the ruins, crushing them with a sledgehammer for cement or putting the greenhouse back together with its promise of borsch, and other traditional vegetable dishes.   


Work is now completed in Yevgueni and Tania's house. But so many people are still exposed to the cold in bombed houses. With your generosity, we hope to go back and show them that they are not alone in the tribulation, that the victory is where there is hope and solidarity.  


 Thanks to your gifts, a tremendous work has been accomplished under the leadership of Sacha to bring some comfort to some of the most hardest hit by the hardships of the war. Another part of the donation was used to buy the materials needed for the fixing roofs, floors and walls. No more suitable work to keep us warm in the Chernihiv winter. 

Race against the winter : November Mission on track

  The word YES can open and close so many doors and experiences. When Br John asked me to join him and Br Leopold on a trip to rebuild bombed houses in the Ukraine my immediate response was YES. So I sit here with the preparation for the trip being made with my mind racing with what my YES will bring. Last Sunday we had a video meeting with the organisation who we will be joining in the Ukraine. We saw the damage caused by the war and the people working there to repair the homes of those remaining. My YES began to feel very real. In the week we received a considerable donation that will enable us to travel to the Ukraine. This amazing news brought with it the realisation that we were able to really go. The news from the Ukraine this week has detailed how missile and drone strikes have targeted domestic power supplies resulting in power cuts and outages. As the weather turns colder and the days get darker this will undoubtedly bring greater hardship for those who remain.

Br Leopold in July helping clean up destroyed houses

Now that the siege of the city had been entirely lifted, the main bridges repaired, and the frontline has stabilised at some 500 kilometers to the East, Chernihiv is busy healing the wounds and moving forward.  Second half of July, I teamed up with Bo mozhemo  or “Because we can”. It is a thriving association of local volunteers who are providing their know-how, energy and time to help poor families clean up the ruins of their homes and provide them with decent accommodation before winter comes. Every day they single out one or two sites and work patiently and tirelessly between 4 and 10 hours to sort the rubble, fix what is still fixable and plant the foundation of new homes.  You certainly breathe a lot of dust and ashes here but still more joy, dynamism and solidarity. And from the side of the affected families, who host the activities, it is sheer determination to start over again. Could this be the real victory, a visible sign of the Risen Christ acting in the world? In my Father&

A video from Br Leopold in the Chernihiv supply centre.

  Here a well-made short video from the supply centre in Chernihiv where br Leopold has been helping the distribution teams take vital aid to villages in the region. Many people there are homeless or living in houses which do not protect from rain and cold anymore. With infrastructures destroyed or damaged and employment completely disrupted, many many people (especially the most fragile) depend on these teams bringing them food and medicine. Please keep helping.